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How to become a model VERONA models?

Our first encounter begins with filling out the questionnaire. This is the first step to become a model.

What does the agency VERONA models?

Our agency specializes in training women in professional modeling school VERONA, and helps to already held models and newcomers to sign contracts with clients: fashion magazines, advertising agencies, fashion houses, etc. We are serious approach to the employment of our models.

What does the agency VERONA models?

Our agency is engaged in the preparation and promotion of models in Moscow and abroad.

It true that you have the best model school?

Yes, and we are incredibly proud of that. We have received the prestigious award «Fashion Summer Awards» from Fashion TV, won the "Best Model School-2011." We truly have become "source models," not only educate their girls, but also the new faces of our friendly agents.

What are the prospects of girls, out of school models VERONA?

Each model potential. Our main task - to help each girl to grow up to its height, to exhaust their potential to the maximum. One perspective is successfully working in Moscow, the other can be realized abroad.

If I nemodelny growth and parameters, can I study in school models for themselves?

Yes, girls often come to us to deal with ourselves, getting a lot of positive emotions and experiences. It is really very interesting.

How does your school better than others?

  1. Strongest faculty. That only is our Valentine Safin (teacher catwalk), which is the leading producer of the Fashion Week in Moscow, putting screenings for Valentin Yudashkin, Kira Plastinina, TOPSHOP, and many others.
  2. Classes are held in the magnificent studios.
  3. We pay attention not only to defile, but fotopozirovaniyu. In the course of 8 shooting on different subjects: fashion, advertising, catalog, portrait, etc. All photos from the shooting at the school pupils receive free, ie do not need to pay separately for the portfolio.
  4. We try very hard to employ our students by organizing them casting and shooting.
  5. Friendship with the world of fashion - the success of our models!